Encouraging and Inspirational Bible Verses and Messages for a Fulfilling Life


It is not of so much importance who you are and whatever you do. No person would not want to have a good life and experience it to the maximum. Most people keep off the only thing that can make us have a fulfilling life which is devoting ourselves to Jesus Christ. We may be in a situation whereby we compromise the relationship we have with God hence let pleasures of the things of the world and selfishness take over our hearts and minds which makes us fail to know why we exist, and thus we suffer a lot. Things of the world and the pleasures that they come with may make us excited for a short time, but there is no way that they can be able to help us have real peace and fulfillment. When you want to have the joy that is never-ending, you cannot get it from money, personal achievements or external gains. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about My Bible Verse of The Day.

Long lasting joy can only be found from having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. In the book of Mathew chapter six and from verse thirty-two to thirty-three, Jesus said that when one lives for personal gain, it will only result in anxiety. There is no way you can spiritually grow when you are keen on materialism and worry. Both of them work together to make us stay away from having a balanced life. It is essential to know that the happiness of life cannot be got from earthly things and that worrying about the days to come is not helpful. God in heaven has promised that He will provide for our needs and take care of us. For people that have put their trust in God, they should not be worried about anything. If you are interested in My Bible Verse of The Day, please click the link provided.

For you to get total fulfillment in life, you can only get it through seeking God and letting Him mold the desires you have based on the plans that He has for you. God has blessings meant to us that He gives when we turn our lives totally over to Him. Because God created us in His likeness, there is no way we can get true fulfillment without Him. In Proverbs chapter eight and from verse seventeen to nineteen, God states that those who search for Him will find Him. He says that He is the one who gives honor, infinite riches, wealth and justice because they all belong to Him. The Almighty One states that He has better gifts than the purest gold and that His wages are better than sterling silver. To read more to our most important info about bible click the link https://www.huffingtonpost.com/alexander-j-barron/why-the-bible-is-not-the-_b_7717552.html.